Delivery Information

1.    Logistics / Delivery service standard in your country:

- Suggest 4 to 6 working days where within the:
        - First 48 hours - Order received in Hong Kong and advised to local regional contact.
        - Next 48 hours - Order packed and shipped locally
        - Next 48 hours - Order received by customer

As we would implement In-house logistics department and Thailand Post (ไปรษณยไทย ), the
shipment periods would be as of following:

In case of Bangkok Metropolitan Region =>  Order received by customer within 3 working days
since received order from HK.

In case of Upcountry => Order received by customer within 4-6 working days since received order
from HK.

2.    Name, website, and pricing structure of preferred logistics partner

In-house department for BKK and Thailand Post for others

3.    How you plan to integrate the price into each order:

Product Price Range:
- Less than 2,000 Baht, would be charged 80 baht per one item.
- More than 2,000 Baht, no shipment fee.

4.    Location where items will be dispatched from (Office / Warehouse)?   Please advise Primary
and Secondary contact details of staff handling and processing the order.

All processes would be implemented at HQ Office, Pharam 3.
- By email: Mr. Meen,; Ms. Nim,;

US :