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A perfect union of comfort and stability designed for the most progressive activities, the Method In..


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A perfect union of comfort and stability designed for the most progressive activities, the Method In-Ear is in a league all it?s own. We completely redesigned the shape of the bud for a secure fit that?s so comfortable and snug, you?ll barely know it?s there. Not only does it stay put when you?re running, working out or sweating, the super secure fit also ensures sound integrity is never compromised. Sticky Gels The bud that stays in place no matter how hard you push and play. Our special Sticky Gels? technology, developed to minimize surface texture and material while increasing traction on the skin of the ear, boosts security up to 30 percent when you?re sweating. Sweat-Resistant Engineered to take as much abuse as you can, the Method is built to last. With its lightweight yet super durable construction and sweat-resistant ear buds, the Method is as tough as it is comfortable. Bonus - hydrophobic nano coatings protect sensitive components without adding bulk.Pureclean Pureclean? housings and ear gels keep your ears fresh and germ free whether you clean these buds, your ears or neither.Supreme Sound The Method In-Ear features Supreme Sound technology producing a tonal balance consisting of punchy, powerful bass; warm, natural vocals; and precision highs that sound clean and spacious. All of this in a bud that?s engineered for a precise fit no matter how you move or how much you sweat. Because one of the keys to great sound is a snug, reliable fit, the Method not only feels great, it sounds even better. Cable ManagementDesigned to stay optimally positioned in your ear, even with increased movement and sweat, the Method delivers superior performance and sound that?s never compromised. The easy-to-use cable management clip and a 90-degree plug mean seamless integration and minimal distractions no matter what the situation. Off-Axis + Fix Tech The Method is our first bud to combine Off Axis and Fix Tech in one, creating unparalleled comfort and stability. Off-Axis technology ensures proper angle of entry while Fix Tech comfortably secures the ear bud to the oval shape of the ear canal, ensuring incredible ear bud fit, especially as your movement increases.Remote 1 No matter what you?re doing, keeping control of your music and calls is crucial. A specially constructed Remote 1 with track control, slip-free grip and sweat proof construction means no matter how hard you go, you always stay in control of what matters.

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